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With years of experience, with common sense pricing policies and with our best knowledge we are ready to help you boost your business activities using the technologies and tools available

Web Development

The world is going mobile. We offer our customers fully responsive website solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and budget. We help you with CMS, SEO and advertising.


To have a website, to run a company in the modern era of technology every company needs to have at least a landing page, an e-mail account and all of these we can host on our servers.


We provide fully functional web shops to help customers organize their e-commerce processes. We arrange all the necessary integrations, different payment methods and other additional solutions to manage the full flow of e-commerce activities.

Online Marketing

There are several options and ways this can be achieved and is mainly based on customer’s budget. These days online marketing involves a lot of graphical work. We use social networks as a 1st step and after we can arrange advertising based on investments customer is willing to put into advertising.

Branding and Design

With the help of our talented designers and marketing analysts we are able to do a full branding of the business. Brand recognition designs, newsletter design, business cards etc.

Corporate IT Solutions





 IT Infrastructure




CRM and ERP software work closely together. These systems come in various configurations but they do offer a great help to business owners and managers. Benefits of these systems include cutting running costs, better customer service, more efficient finance management and HR management, financial flow analytics and more.

It is all about the finance. We do pay attention to current economic situation in the world. We follow and adjust our pricing policies accordingly. We are looking for long-term relationship and partnership and not to make a fortune out of 1 deal

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